How many buildings are there in Kuala Lumpur?

How many towers are there in Malaysia?


Rank Name Height
2 Petronas Twin Tower 1 451.9 m / 1,483 ft
3 Petronas Twin Tower 2 451.9 m / 1,483 ft
4 The Exchange 106 445.5 m / 1,462 ft
5 Coronation Square Tower 1 370 m / 1,214 ft

Does Malaysia have tall buildings?

The following is a list of tallest buildings with a height of 150 metres (492 ft) or more in Malaysia.

Tallest buildings.

Name Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur
Floors 60
Year 2012
Location Kuala Lumpur
Notes Located at the Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC); structurally topped out in 2012.

Who is the tallest man in Malaysia?

Five years after being recognised as Malaysia’s tallest man, Mohd Azli Hisyam Ab Ghafar’s height has reached 2.2m, reported Metro Ahad. Mohd Azli, 25, was recognised in the Malaysia Book of Records in 2014 as the country’s tallest man at 2.11m.

Who is the owner of KLCC?

Suria KLCC

Wikimedia | © OpenStreetMap
Developer KLCC Property Holdings Berhad
Management Suria KLCC Sdn. Bhd.
Owner KLCC Property Berhad / CBRE Global Investors
No. of stores and services 380

How much does the Petronas Tower cost?

Admission Rate

Age Price (Non-MyKad) Price (MyKad)
Infant (Below 2 years) FREE Admission FREE Admission
Child (Age 3-12 years) RM33.00 RM14.00
Adult (Age 13-60 years) RM80.00 RM28.00
Senior Citizen (61 years and above) RM42.00 RM14.00
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