How many Malaysians own a smartphone?

How many people have a smartphone in Malaysia?

Smartphone users in Malaysia

In 2018, there were around 17.2 million smartphone users in the country. This number was projected to grow to almost 21 million in 2023. While over 85 percent of mobile phone users under the age of 20 have a smartphone, only about 30.6 percent of users over 65 years own one.

How many people own a smart phone in 2020?

In total, the number of people that own a smart and feature phone is 7.10 Billion, making up 89.90% of the world’s population.

Number Of Smartphone & Mobile Phone Users Worldwide (Billions)

Number of smartphones Number of mobile phones
2021 6.37 7.10
2020 6.05 6.95

How much of the population own a mobile phone?

Did you know that in 2019 the number of smartphone users in the United Kingdom rose to 55.5 million, making it 82.9 per cent of the population?

The Future of Mobile Usage in 2021 in the UK.

Year Share of respondents using mobile phones
2020 95%

What percentage of the world’s population own a smartphone?

35.13% of the world’s population has a smartphone today.

How many people using WhatsApp in Malaysia?

WhatsApp’s market penetration, by country

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Position Country % of WhatsApp users
2. South Africa 96%
3. Nigeria 95%
4. Argentina 93%
5. Malaysia 92%

How many Singaporeans have smartphones?

In 2020, the number of smartphone users in Singapore reached about 5.17 millions. This figure is expected to grow even further to over 5.6 million by 2025.

What percentage of the US has a cell phone 2020?

The vast majority of Americans – 97% – now own a cellphone of some kind. The share of Americans that own a smartphone is now 85%, up from just 35% in Pew Research Center’s first survey of smartphone ownership conducted in 2011.

How many smartphone users are there in the world?

The population of India is approx 138 crore of which 43.942 crore people use smartphones in the country.