How many towns are in Laos?

How many villages are in Laos?

Villages. Laos consists of more than 10’000 villages. Since also larger settlements like Vientiane, Savannakhet or Luang Prabang are composed by many single villages, the existing definition in Map Features cannot applied directly in Laos.

How many states are in Laos?

Provinces of Laos

Provinces ແຂວງ Khoeong
Location Lao People’s Democratic Republic
Number 18
Populations 85,168 (Xaisomboun) – 969,697 (Savannakhét)
Areas 3,920 km2 (1,510 sq mi) (Vientiane) – 21,774 km2 (8,407 sq mi) (Savannakhét)

How many big cities are in Laos?

Pakse, located in the southern province of Champasak, is the second-largest city in Laos with around 88,000 residents. Until it was unified with the rest of Laos in 1946, the city was the capital of the Kingdom of Champasak.


Name 2021 Population
Pakse 88,332
Thakhek 85,000
Savannakhet 66,553
Luang Prabang 47,378

Does Laos have cities?

This is a list of cities in Laos, a country in Asia.

Towns and cities.

City Luang Prabang (Louangphrabang)
Population 47,378
Coordinates 19.89°N 102.14°E
Province Luang Prabang (Louangphrabang)

How many towns are in Laos?

. In total, there are 20 cities in Laos. The largest city is Vientiane with a population of 237 300. The total population of Laos is 7123205 people – 0.092% of the total population of the Earth.

List of cities in Laos by population.

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# Name, city Population
2 Pakse 119 848
3 Kaysone Phomvihane 77 400
4 Luang Prabang 62 334
5 Sanya 40 168

Is Laos rural or urban?

In 2019, approximately 64.36 percent of the population in Laos were residing in rural areas. In comparison, 69.94 percent of the population in Laos lived in rural areas in 2010.

Are there states in Laos?

Laos is divided into 17 provinces (khoueng) and one prefecture (kampheng nakhon) which includes the capital city Vientiane (Nakhon Louang Viangchan).

How many regions are in Laos?

With a total area of 236,800 square kilometers, the country is divided into three distinct regions: diverse mountains, plateaus and plains along the Mekong region. Around three-quarters of Laos are actually made of mountains and plateaus especially in the areas of the North and South-East.

What are big cities in Laos?

Biggest Cities In Laos

Rank Biggest Cities in Laos Population
1 Vientiane 562,244
2 Savannakhet 93,277
3 Pakxe 88,166
4 Thakhek 55,600