How much is a chick in the Philippines?

How much is a chick cost?

Baby chicks can cost between $3 and $5, and egg laying hens can cost between $20 and $50. If you want a fancier breed of chicken, you can expect to pay a premium for both chicks and hens. Since chickens are social, you’ll need at least two chickens.

How much can you sell a chick for?

How much do you sell baby chicks for? The pricing of chicks depends on the breed and quality of the birds. But usually, they range between $3-$5.

How much is a native chicken in the Philippines?

At present, native chicken costs PHP253. 26 per kg., up from the previous PHP253.

How much is a broiler chick?

A one day broiler chick on average costs sh1,600. From day one to three weeks, each chick will have consumed 1-1.5kgs of broiler starter feeds, with an average cost of sh1,100. From four to seven weeks, each broiler will have consumed between 3-3.5kgs of broiler finisher.

Is it cheaper to have chickens or buy eggs?

If you spend $7 weekly for a dozen farmers market eggs, then yes, raising chickens probably will save you money, says Sarah Cook, founder of Sustainable Cooks. “If you stock up when eggs are 99 cents at the store, then your backyard flock will never be able to match the price of factory-farmed eggs.”

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How much does it cost to grow a chicken?

If you decide to raise your own chicks you can expect to pay $3.00 and $5.00 per chick (day-old) for popular breeds and for rare breeds you can expect to pay up to $50.00 or more per chick. Older chicks and mature chickens’ prices vary greatly between breeds, age of the chickens etc.

How much does a farmer sell a chicken for?

The producers receive an overall average of $2.08/pound for their chickens, with a range depending on where and how the birds are sold. Producers receive their highest prices at farmers markets, followed by restaurants.

How do I sell my chickens?

5 Methods To Sell Your Surplus Chickens

  1. Use Social Media. Create a Facebook page, a Twitter feed or an Instagram account for your hobby farm if you haven’t already done so. …
  2. Advertise On Craigslist. …
  3. Consult 4-H. …
  4. Distribute Flyers. …
  5. Use A Livestock Auction House.