How much is a cubic meter of water in Manila?

How much is 1 cubic meter of water in the Philippines?

For East Zone customers, Manila Water Company, Inc. will implement an FCDA of ₱0.19 per cubic meter, down from ₱0.33 per cubic meter, which is 0.66% of its 2021 average basic charge of ₱28.52 per cubic meter.

How much is a cubic meter of Maynilad 2021?

22. Meanwhile, Maynilad will reduce its FCDA by 0.41 percent or 15 centavos/cu. m. in its 2021 average basic charge of P36.

How much does water cost in Philippines?

Manila Water, which supplies the east zone of Metro Manila, will implement a ₱0.69 per cubic meter (cu. m.) increase, equivalent to 2.43 percent of its average basic charge set at ₱28.52/cu. m.

How do you calculate water bill per cubic meter?

To determine the amount of water used since your last reading, take the current meter read and subtract the previous meter read (from your water bill), which will give you the number of cubic meter/s used.

How many cubic meters of water does an average household use per month?

On average, a bath consumes 80 liters of water per use. In comparison, a shower uses 46 liters per use. The average household water bill in the UK differs from company to company.

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Number of people living at home Water usage in cubic meters

How much is the minimum rate of Maynilad?

Maynilad will apply an FCDA of negative 0.39% of its 2021 average basic charge of P36. 24 per cubic meter or negative P0. 14 per cubic meter.

How much is Maynilad installation?

How much is the installation fee for Maynilad? The company also reduces water service application fees for residents of blighted areas. From a standard fee of about P8,160 including the Guaranty Deposit, they are only charged about P3,000 as Maynilad shoulders two-thirds of the cost for the service connection.

How do you calculate water consumption per person?

About this indicator: Per capita water consumption is calculated from the total island wide water consumption divided by population.