How much is halal certificate in Malaysia?

What is the cost of halal certification in Malaysia?

He said the average application took six to 24 months to be vetted by an internal auditor. Companies which hire auditors that use QuikHalal can cut this down to a mere three months. It also cost between RM10,000 and RM30,000 to hire a consultant to do the audit.

How much does it cost to get halal certification?

Hasan Tanrikut, a halal supervisor from the Global Halal Trade Centre Pty Ltd told Fact Check that certifications of abattoirs for example, which are done four times a year, cost approximately $2,000 to $3,000 per audit.

Is it easy to get halal certificate in Malaysia?

Settling the certification process quickly was essential, as companies need to update their halal certificates every two years for manufacturing and food premises, while abattoirs need to renew annually. The average application takes between six to 24 months to be vetted by an internal auditor.

Is halal certification necessary in Malaysia?

Halal certification is needed to inform Muslim consumers that products are prepared by halal methods. … Many Muslim as well as non-Muslims countries are following Malaysian standards, along with its laws.

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What are the requirements for halal certification?

What are the criteria for a halal certification?

  • The slaughter of the processed animal must be made following the Quran rules.
  • The product should not contain any form of pork meat (according to the dietary rules, the use of pork meat at any step of the preparation of halal food is forbidden)

How much does Halal certification cost in South Africa?

This site visit and cleansing cost between R450 and R800, says Sedick. Once all this has been done to the Halaal Trust’s satisfaction, the company will receive its certificate. There is an annual payment for halaal certification, but Sedick says for small catering companies, the fee is reasonable.

How do I get a halal certificate in South Africa?


  1. CALL/EMAIL US AND SHARE YOUR REQUIREMENTS. We will do a FREE GAP analysis of your organization with respect to HALAL Standard and give you a quote.

How do I get a halal certificate for food?

In order to get certified, an online application should be made first. During this time, a list of raw materials that are used to make the product halal is given by Jakim. Then, the manufacturer needs to submit a document stating the source of those raw materials.

Who gives halal certification?

Halal Certification Services India Private Limited. Jamiat Ulama-E-Maharashtra – a State unit of Jamiat Ulama-E-Hind. Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind Halal Trust.