How the SA paper making is done in Cambodia and Laos?

How is Sa paper made?

The paper is produced by drying the woody stems of the Sa plant (a kind of mulberry). Then they are soaked and pulverized into a mush in a mill. … In drying the sediment coagulates to form the sheets of paper. These are then sold, or fashioned into souvenirs such as cards and notebooks.

What are the uses of Sa paper of Laos?

Saa paper can be used to make name cards, postcards, photo albums, calendars, lampshades and traditional pictures. This kind of paper is thick and rough but very light and porous.

What is an SA paper?

Saa Paper (Mulberry Paper)

For over 700 years Sa-Paper has been made in the Northern Thailand, from the light brown bark of the sa-tree (Broussonetia Papyrifera Vent). … Thicker grades of saa paper paper is made by rolling the pulp into balls for manual spreading onto a bamboo frame with a cotton screen.

Which of the following tree are SA paper in Cambodia and Laos made of?

Paper mulberry is native to China, Japan, Korea, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Burma and Assam (India), but cultivated extensively elsewhere in Asia and the Pacific.

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What are the common crafts of Cambodia and Laos?

The main Laotian and Cambodian crafts are weaving, ceramics, gold and silverware, and woodcarving. These artisanal practices primarily responded to functional needs and specific rituals linked to the rural society daily life.

Which country is known for Sa paper that was used for calligraphy and for making festive temple decorations umbrellas fans and kites?


Traditionally sa paper was used for calligraphy and for making festive temple decorations, umbrellas, fans and kites. In former times it was also used as a filter in the manufacture of lacquerware.