Is Bangkok Peanut Sauce vegan?

Does satay sauce contain meat?

Satay is a seasoned or marinated meat that has been skewered and grilled – usually over charcoal. It’s usually served with a sauce. The type of sauce varies depending on the country/region.

Is Chinese satay sauce vegan?

Satay Sauce (Vegan)

Is Thai peanut sauce unhealthy?

Thai Peanut Sauce

It tastes so good that it can’t be healthy and, guess what? It’s not. With ingredients like peanut butter, full-fat coconut milk, peanuts, sugar or honey, soy sauce (an ingredient which can dehydrate you and can stain your teeth), and an oil, these sauces should be enjoyed with caution.

What does peanut sauce taste like?

It has a predominantly sweet taste, with some sourness and a slight hint of bitterness. It may be too spicy for some people, but it can be easily corrected with a bit of peanut butter.

Where does satay come from?

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