Is Bumble popular in Vietnam?

What dating app is popular in Vietnam?

OkCupid, one of the top dating apps in Vietnam, is estimated to have about 50 million users with more than seven million messages sent daily.

What countries is Bumble popular in?

In addition to Canada and Japan, the women will head to Australia, Indonesia, Germany, Mexico, the United Kingdom and U.S., among others, plus Singapore. The company partnered with the Singapore Tourism Board to start the program there; Bumble is also launching its “Bizz” option in the country.

Is Facebook dating available in Vietnam?

Facebook Dating is also currently available in 20 other countries: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Laos, Malaysia, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, the Philippines, Singapore, Suriname, Thailand, the United States, Uruguay and Vietnam.

Is Bumble popular in other countries?

American-based app Bumble, meanwhile, was third-most popular on the dating scene in terms of app store ranking. Just two per cent of countries had it as their highest ranked dating app despite a user base of approximately 42m.

Where is Bumble most active?

The Best Time To Spotlight Your Bumble Profile

App founder Whitney Wolfe has shared that Bumble activity is at its peak around 6pm, and people spend the most time on the app on Sundays. So Sunday around 6 pm would be the ideal time to activate the Spotlight feature if you want maximum exposure for your money.

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How many countries use Bumble?

According to Forbes, the company is valued at more than $1 billion, and the company reports having over 55 million users in 150 countries.