Is Christmas Day a holiday in Vietnam?

Is December 25 a holiday in Vietnam?

Is Christmas Day a Public Holiday? Even though Christmas Day falls on Saturday, December 25, 2021, it is a working day. Most businesses follow regular opening hours in Vietnam. Many people celebrate Christmas Day with a festive meal.

What do you give a Vietnamese for Christmas?

Here are some simple tips for gift giving in Vietnam. If it is for children, chocolate, candies, toys, or lucky money are the best. If you visit someone’s house, bring along fruits, liquids, or a box of confectionery. For charitable organizations, it is better to donate clothes, books, food, and other necessities.

What is the next holiday in Vietnam?

List of Holidays in Vietnam in 2021

Day Date Holiday Name
Tuesday Feb 16 Tet Holiday
Wednesday Apr 21 Hung Kings Temple Festival
Friday Apr 30 Reunification Day
Saturday May 01 Labour Day

How long does Tet last in Vietnam?

Tet celebration in Vietnam starts on the 1st day of Lunar calendar and usually lasts for 3 days.

What is a special holiday in Vietnam?

Tet Holiday – One of the Most Important Vietnam Public Holidays. Tet holiday is among the most important festivals in Vietnam, which often falls on the first three days of Lunar New Year (or between late January and early February observed by Gregorian Calendar).

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What is the most important festival in your country Vietnam?

Lunar New Year, locally called Tet, is the biggest festival of the year with the whole country downing tools for family get-togethers.