Is Indonesia feminine or masculine?

Is Indonesia a collectivist country?

Indonesian society is very collectivist which means that they tend to place a higher importance on the group than on the individual. Family, extended family and the community are very important and will always be placed above individuals or business.

Is Indonesia long term oriented?

Indonesia has a high long-term orientation score of 62. This score shows that Indonesia has a long-term oriented culture.

Is Indonesia high or low context?

Results show that Indonesia is in a high-context communication, it can be seen from the communication that involves and emphasizing physical contact, interpersonal relations, meaning internalized, non-verbal messages, the physical settings and social settings, as well as cultural values.

Is Indonesia individualistic or collectivistic?

According to the previous findings by Hofstede (Hofstede and Hofstede, 2005), Indonesian people are Collectivist, High on Power Distance, Low on Uncer- tainty Avoidance, and Feminine.

Is Indonesia masculine or feminine culture?

Indonesia scores (46) on this dimension and is thus considered low Masculine. While not entirely like most North European countries who are very low in Masculinity and thus considered Feminine, Indonesia is less Masculine than some other Asian countries like Japan, China and India.

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