Is Khai a Vietnamese name?

What does Khai name mean?

Meaning of the name Khai. The chosen one, royalty or nobility. Origin of the name Khai. Egyptianian.

What is a common Vietnamese name?

The most common are Le, Pham, Tran, Ngo, Vu, Do, Dao, Duong, Dang, Dinh, Hoang and Nguyen – the Vietnamese equivalent of Smith. About 50 percent of Vietnamese have the family name Nguyen. The given name, which appears last, is the name used to address someone, preceded by the appropriate title.

Is Khai a common name?

Khai was the 1264th most popular boys name and 5625th most popular girls name. In 2020 there were 143 baby boys and only 21 baby girls named Khai. 1 out of every 12,807 baby boys and 1 out of every 83,383 baby girls born in 2020 are named Khai.

Is the name Kai Vietnamese?

Kai, (Vietnamese origin) meaning “victory”.

What does Khai mean in Thai?

In Thai, khai means “egg” and khrop means “cover” (Remawadee, 2010).

What are Vietnam names?

Popular Baby Names , origin vietnamese

Name Meaning Origin
An Dung peaceful hero Vietnamese
Anh peace; safety Vietnamese
Ba three; third Vietnamese
Bao protection Vietnamese

Is Khai a girls or boys name?

The name Khai is a girl’s name meaning “benevolence; sea”. Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik chose the stylish and meaningful name Khai for their daughter, born in September 2020. It honors Gigi’s paternal grandmother Khairiah Daher Hadid, whose name is a variation of Khairiya, which is found in the Qu’ran.

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What do we say Khai in English?

/khāii/ nf. ditch countable noun. A ditch is a long narrow channel cut into the ground at the side of a road or field.

How is Khai pronounced?

Khai is usually pronounced “K-EYE”.