Is money lending legal in Singapore?

Is it illegal to lend money in Singapore?

The giving of loans or a number of loans to friends or family does not constitute the business of moneylending, unless there is a system and continuity about the transactions or if the alleged moneylender lent others money freely and readily. Therefore, loans to friends and family do not require a licence.

Is money lending illegal?

If a lender does not have a consumer credit license, it is illegal for them to make a loan. It is not illegal to borrow the money, however. Unlicensed lenders are known as loan sharks. Loan sharks have no legal right to claim the money that you borrowed from them, therefore, you do not have to pay the money back.

How do I report money lender in Singapore?

The Singapore Registry of Moneylenders can be reached at (+65) 6325 1416 or via e-mail at (alternate contacts:,, this contact form or 1800 225 5529).

Is it legal to lend someone money and charge interest?

Can I lend money to a friend and charge interest? Yes, you can, but the tax ramifications can be tricky and complicated. You would have made interest on the money if you had kept it an interest-bearing account, and that’s one good reason to charge interest.

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Can I lend money to my friend?

Remember, for family members, there are no tax implications of gifts and loans of any kind or amount. However, any non-relative, or friend, can give you a gift of up to Rs. … But, if you provide friends with a loan of any amount (interest-free or with interest), it becomes tax-free.

Is loaning money without interest illegal?

Legality. No state or federal law makes it illegal to lend money. While there are many laws that apply to institutional lenders and other businesses that loan money or provide loans or credit, you have the right to lend other people money as you wish. You can, for example, lend your sibling money to buy a new car.

Is being a loan shark illegal?

Loan sharking is an illegal, unregulated trade, and more people fall prey to these illicit operators than you might think. Very few report loan sharks to the police because they are convinced that they will also be in trouble for borrowing money illegally.

How do I file a case against money lender?

If you have the valid agreement then you must pay as per the agreed terms in the agreement. If your relative’s claims are are ultra vires to the agreement then you can go for a civil suit. Also if he is showinh force etc then you can file a criminal complaint in your local area police station.

Can we file case against money lenders?

The lenders are free to file a suit for recovery of money against your mother in the competent civil court, which she can fittingly contest. 2. If the lenders harass or intimidate you or your mother in any manner then you may file a criminal complaint against them.

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How do I report a licensed money lender?

Instead, you should report the advertisements to the Registry at 1800-2255-529 or via our website. Errant licensed moneylenders will be investigated by the Registry and unlicensed moneylenders will be investigated by the Police. 7.