Is Phu Quoc Island Expensive?

Is Phu Quoc Island Expensive?

Phu Quoc is slightly more expensive than mainland Vietnam, given that everything needs to be flown or shipped into the island. But there are still budget food and accommodation options available if you look hard enough.

What is Phu Quoc island regarded as?

Covering an area of 574 km2, Phu Quoc is considered the largest island of Vietnam. This densely forested island is located in the Gulf of Thailand, 45 kilometers from the southern tip mainland of Vietnam and only 4 kilometers from nearby Cambodia.

What is Phu Quoc pepper?

Phu Quoc is a rare and mighty peppercorn, packing a vibrant, spicy pepper punch. Grown in Phu Quoc, a 28-island archipelago, the peppercorns are harvested from mineral-rich soil amidst fresh ocean air and abundant sunshine.

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