Is Thai Basil the same as Vietnamese basil?

Is Thai basil the same as Vietnamese mint?

Vietnamese mint smells similar to Thai basil but it is far more pungent with a hot bite and slight numbing character and a strong alkalinity. Also known as hot mint, it is the leaf to use in Malaysian laksa soups, and is often simply known as laksa leaf. It’s also used as a salad ingredient, and cooked dishes.

What is a good substitute for Thai basil?

Some recipes call for Thai basil, a pungent variety that can be hard to find in grocery stores. To duplicate its flavor, use common “Italian” basil and add a few fresh mint sprigs to the recipe.

What can I substitute for Vietnamese mint?

I have a soup recipe that calls for Vietnamese mint and I cannot get it anywhere. I have used tarragon as a substitute, but would really like to have the correct ingredients. You can get Vietnamese mint – Persicaria odorata, aka Vietnamese coriander – in Asian supermarkets, should you have one to hand.

Can I use regular basil instead of Thai basil?

Regular or sweet basil can be an excellent substitute for Thai basil. Flavor – Sweet basil has a distinctive taste. The taste is a mixture of peppery, anise, and sweetness. On the other hand, Thai basil has a licorice like aroma, and is a bit spicy.

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How many types of Thai basil are there?

There are 4 varieties of basil used in Thailand: 1. Thai (sweet) basil, horapha [โหระพา], Hung Que (vietnamese), Ocimum basilicum, Thai purple basil. => Aniseed flavour.

Can I use cilantro instead of basil?

Perfect as a substitute for basil, cilantro can give pesto sauce an impressive kick and can help to balance Asian dishes such as Thai curries. Cilantro is the leaf of the plant that yields coriander seeds, and it possesses an exotic flavor.

Can I use Italian basil in pho?

To add a cool contrast to the steaming broth, there is a plate of fresh bean sprouts, Thai basil, mint, cilantro and saw-leaf herb to toss into the soup. A squeeze of lime juice balances all the flavors. … Italian basil is not a substitute for holy, or Thai basil, as its flavor is much different.