Is Thailand a tropical climate?

Is Thailand a tropic?

As a tropical island destination, Thailand enjoys a warm and balmy climate all year round. Thailand’s weather can be characterized as a tropical monsoon, where the summer months receive the highest rainfall and storm surges.

Does Thailand have an equatorial climate?

Thailand, because of its great extent from north to south, has several climatic zones, most of the country is under the tropical monsoon climate, but the southern regions have typical characteristics of the equatorial climate, while in the northern mountainous areas the climate gradually becomes more temperate.

What is the climate in Thailand now?

Thailand has a tropical climate so it is generally very hot, particularly between March and May with April being the hottest month (30°C/86°F). The monsoon season runs from May/June to October, when the climate is still hot and humid with torrential rains. Rain in the south typically continues until December.

What region is Thailand located in?

Is Thailand better than Philippines?

Both countries have beautiful landscapes, mountains, jungles and waterfalls to explore, so are great destinations for a sunseeker that’s also looking for some adventure. However if beaches are your main priority, then the Philippines is a better choice than Thailand.

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