Is Thailand collectivist or individualist?

Is Thailand a high or low context culture?

However, Thailand and Japan are high-context cultures. … This means that high-context cultures are implicit cultures and low-context cultures are explicit cultures.

Is China collectivist or individualist?

As such, China can be described as a collectivist society, while the U.S. is more individualist. Because of the differences in culture, Chinese and Americans treat social relationships differently. When interacting with others, Chinese prefer a more structured hierarchy.

Is Singapore collectivist or individualist?

Singapore, with a score of 20 is a collectivistic society. This means that the “We” is important, people belong to in-groups (families, clans or organisations) who look after each other in exchange for loyalty.

Is Japan collectivist or individualist?

The Japanese have been considered a typical collectivist nation whereas Americans a typical individualist nation (e.g., Benedict, 1946; Dore, 1990; Hofstede, 1980; Lukes, 1973; Nakane, 1970; Triandis, 1995; Vogel, 1979).

What is an example of a low context culture?

In a low-context culture, communication occurs through explicitly spelled out and defined words, and listeners just have to interpret spoken or written words as they are. Germany, Sweden, and the United States are generally classified as low-context cultures.

Is China still collectivist?

Nonetheless, China is still generally considered to be a collectivist country. For example, Michailova and Hutchings (2006) describe the Chinese as expecting to subordinate their individual needs, goals, and aspirations to the requirements of the collective.

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What is individualism in China?

Rather, individualism in the Chinese tradition emphasizes one’s power from within the context of one’s connection and unity (or harmony) with external authorities of power.

Is Singapore an indulgence or restraint?

Among Asian countries on same survey, Singapore is top three Asian countries of high level of Indulgence and China is in top three countries with high level of Restraint. Therefore, these two countries were selected as to explore how the distinctive level of IVR can influence on a similar business case in each country.

Is Singapore long term oriented?

Long Term Orientation

Cultures that score high in long-term orientation embrace future-oriented virtues such as thriftiness, pragmatism, persistence, and perseverance. Such cultures also tend to pay more respect to traditions. Singapore scores high in this dimension.