Is the Internet in Indonesia good?

Does Indonesia have bad internet?

Actually, the slow internet connection in Indonesia has been thoroughly tested. According to a survey of internet speed service provider Speedtest, Ookla, the median download speed of Indonesian mobile internet is the second slowest in Southeast Asia.

How fast is internet in Indonesia?

As a comparison, the internet connection speed in Indonesia is 6,65 Mbps; this speed put Indonesia in 92nd positions.

Does Indonesia have internet?

With a rapidly growing number of internet users in recent years, Indonesia may have one of the largest online populations globally. Not only do most Indonesians have access to the internet these days, but they are also relatively active on the internet, with an average of nearly eight hours of internet use per day.

What country has the worst internet?

12 Countries with the Slowest Internet in the World

  1. Venezuela: 3.31 Mbps. Ah, lovely Venezuela. …
  2. Libya: 3.81 Mbps. …
  3. Algeria: 4.10 Mbps. …
  4. Lebanon: 4.51 Mbps. …
  5. Bolivia: 4.81 Mbps. …
  6. Egypt: 5.15 Mbps. …
  7. Suriname: 5.23 Mbps. …
  8. Uzbekistan: 5.30 Mbps.

Why is internet so bad in Indonesia?

Infrastructure: Geographical Conditions and Uneven Infrastructure. Geographical conditions in Indonesia are dominated by mountains rivers and this is claimed to be the strong factor behind the slow connectivity. This geographical condition often led to failure in building communication infrastructure.

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Does Indonesia have good internet?

Indonesia has one of the highest numbers of internet users in the world. Even so, it has a relatively low internet penetration rate compared to other countries in Asia. … Nevertheless, the internet has revolutionized the everyday lives of most Indonesians and has been well incorporated into their daily activities.

What is the fastest internet in Indonesia?

Fastest Internet Provider in Indonesia

Speedtest also reports the fastest provider in Indonesia. Telkomsel is at the top as a provider with high-speed internet access, touching the number 22.22. Under Telkomsel is IM3 Ooredoo, followed by XL, Smartfren, and 3.

How fast is internet in Jakarta?

Then in third place, is inhabited by Jakarta, which has an average download speed of 17.91 Mbps, an upload speed of 10.81 Mbps, and a latency of 32 ms.

Not Jakarta, the fastest internet in Indonesia is in this city.

Rating 1
City Tangerang
Download Speed 18.97
Upload Speed 12.28
Latency 26

How fast is internet in Bali?

In recent years, the availability and speed of broadband connections in Bali have improved dramatically, especially since the introduction of 4G and fibre optics. WiFi is easily available in hotels and cafes, and typical connection speed for WiFi 512kbps – 2mbps (some providers can offer higher speeds).

How many people have Internet in Indonesia?

In 2020, approximately 191 million people were accessing the internet in Indonesia. This figure is expected to grow to about 240 million by 2025. With over 171 million internet users, Indonesia is one of the biggest online markets worldwide. As of July 2021, online penetration in the country stood at around 70 percent.

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Can I watch Netflix in Indonesia?

Netflix licenses the movies and television shows you view on their service from movie studios and television networks. The streaming giant does this for every country it operates in. These agreements are the reason why Netflix doesn’t allow folks in Indonesia to access Netflix content from the U.S. or other countries.

Is WhatsApp banned in Indonesia?

November 8, 2017. Indonesia’s threat to ban WhatsApp Messenger over distributing what they described as ‘obscene content’ was rescinded on Tuesday night after the company responsible for providing the alleged content, the third-party GIF provider Tenor, said they had fixed the issue.