Is thumbs up rude in Thailand?

Why do they not shake hands in Thailand?

Handshakes are not a traditional greeting in Thailand and many people may feel uncomfortable engaging in this very western greeting. Although the famous Thai smile is multi-faceted and slight shifts in the smile convey different meanings, if you’re ever unsure how to greet someone, a smile will never be unwelcome.

What should I avoid in Thailand?

Top 10 things to avoid in Thailand

  • Swim at the southern Andaman beaches in the low season. …
  • Hire a motorbike. …
  • Go to tiger or animal shows. …
  • Go to zoos. …
  • Ride an elephant. …
  • Get in a taxi or tuk tuk before negotiating your fare. …
  • Sign contracts without advice from a qualified Thai lawyer. …
  • Get in an argument with Thai police.

How do you show respect in Thailand?

In Thailand, a wai, a gesture where you place your hand together in a “praying” sign at chest level, is a polite greeting. To show more respect, raise the wai higher, to your chin or nose-level.

How do you show affection in Thailand?

Greet the Thai by showing the same respect, politeness and friendliness. Smile often, talk softly, be kind and courteous. Greet people by putting your palms together in a lotus bud shape (phanom mue), instead of shaking hands European style.

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What does 555 in Thailand mean?

So, if you’ve ever been wondering what 555 means in Thailand, here it is: Writing 555 is the same as using hahaha or lol in your message. Yup, it is that simple. Next time you see it you’ll know they are joking around, having a laugh, or thought what they wrote is funny (don’t we all).

How do they greet each other in Thailand?

In both a formal and informal situation, Thai people greet each other with the word ‘sawadee’ followed by ‘kah’ for females and ‘kraap’ (soft r) for males. … In an international context, a handshake is an acceptable greeting. However, a male may only shake a female’s hand if she extends it to him first.

What does Khun p mean in Thai?

It uses to call someone that older than you. you can say only ‘phi'(พี่)too. But if you use ‘khun phi'(คุณพี่) it will look a little cuter. See a translation.