Question: Can I bring raw meat into Singapore?

What Cannot be brought into Singapore?

Prohibited and Controlled Goods

  • Chewing gum (except dental and medicated gum)
  • Chewing tobacco and imitation tobacco products (for example, electronic cigarettes)
  • Cigarette lighters in the shape of a pistol or revolver.
  • Controlled drugs and psychotropic substances.
  • Firecrackers.

Can I import pork to Singapore?

2. How safe is our pork in Singapore? Singapore only imports pork and pork products from SFA-approved sources. At the approved export abattoirs, only healthy pigs, which pass inspection, are allowed to proceed for slaughter.

How can I export chicken to Singapore?

Licensed traders who intend to import live poultry into Singapore are required to meet SFA’s import conditions and requirements.

  1. Check that your sources are approved by SFA. …
  2. Meet SFA’s veterinary conditions. …
  3. Apply for Customs Clearance Permit. …
  4. Obtain veterinary health certificate.

How do you import fresh food?

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  1. Step 1: Check all import requirements.
  2. Step 2: Apply for an import permit (if required)
  3. Step 3: Arrange pre-export treatment and inspection.
  4. Step 4: Arrange for on-arrival holding, inspection or treatment.
  5. Step 5: Gather all required documents.
  6. Step 6: Document check in Australia.
  7. Step 7: Inspection of goods.
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Can you bring food into Singapore?

General Rule for Travellers

Travellers returning to Singapore can carry food products for personal consumption without first obtaining an import permit if: the type of food product is allowed; the amount is within the allowance; … the food products will not be sold commercially.

What is not allowed through customs?

Prohibited means the item is forbidden by law to enter the United States. Examples of prohibited items are dangerous toys, cars that don’t protect their occupants in a crash, bush meat, or illegal substances like absinthe and Rohypnol.

Can I send meat to Singapore?

You can only import meat and meat products from SFA-approved sources. Please see Countries/Regions approved to export meat to Singapore (PDF). … As the lists of approved countries/regions and establishments are subject to change, please make sure you check them before importing meat and meat products into Singapore.

Where do Singapore import pork from?

Our pork supply currently comes from more than 20 countries. While frozen and chilled pork are imported from different countries such as Brazil and the Netherlands, our supply of fresh pork used to come exclusively from the live pigs brought in from Pulau Bulan, near Batam in Indonesia.

Where does Singapore import meat from?

Where does Singapore import Meat of swine, fresh, chilled or frozen. from?

  • Brazil with a share of 46% (143 million US$)
  • Australia with a share of 15.4% (48 million US$)
  • Netherlands with a share of 11.2% (35 million US$)
  • Spain with a share of 10.2% (32 million US$)
  • Germany with a share of 5.38% (16.8 million US$)
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Where do Singapore import chicken?

Singapore imports about 35 per cent of chicken and 93 per cent of ducks from Malaysia. Other sources include Brazil and the United States. For eggs, 76 per cent of the supply comes from Malaysia, while farms here provide the rest. Last year, the Republic imported 48.8 million chickens in all.

How do I export live chicken?

make sure that the day-old chicks or hatching eggs are exported from premises registered as Export Approved Premises. refer to operational codes for guidance. check if an import permit is required by the destination country. check if an Animal Welfare Export Certificate is required.