Question: How tall is the Singapore Ferris wheel?

How many Ferris wheel are there in Singapore?

The observation wheel is 541 feet tall. There are 28 cabins capable of holding up to 28 people at one time resulting in a seating capacity of 784 passengers.

Singapore Flyer.

Name Singapore Flyer
Ride Duration (minutes) 30
Climate Controlled Yes
Construction Cost $180 million USD
Status Operating

Is Singapore Flyer bigger than London Eye?

And yes, we all know that size matters. On the international front, the Southern Star is the world’s third observation wheel but, continuing the mine’s-bigger-than-yours theme, it’s 15 metres shorter than the London Eye and positively dwarfed by the Singapore Flyer, at 165 metres.

How many people visit Singapore Flyer?

The Singapore Flyer will occupy a prime spot in this “necklace of attractions” and will provide a breathtaking, unobstructed radial view of 45 km spanning three countries – Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. It is expected to attract 2.5 million visitors in the first year with more than half of them from overseas.

Who built the Singapore Flyer?

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