Question: What is the best Milktea in the Philippines?

What is the number 1 milk tea in the Philippines?

1. Gong Cha. Arguably one of the most popular tea franchises in the country, you can practically spot a Gong Cha in almost any mall you find yourself in.

What is the most famous tea in the Philippines?

Ginger tea, also known as “salabat”, is a traditional Filipino tea known to soothe one’s throat and provide relief from common illnesses such as cough, colds, flu, and stomach aches. Salabat can be made by brewing few ginger slices and adding some honey or sugar often in warm water.

Why milk tea is popular in the Philippines?

It is a New Kind of Refreshment – Since Philippines is a hot country, Filipinos do love refreshments. Juices and Softdrinks have been there always whenever we want. Milk tea perhaps is a new taste for us. It is Suitable for Chilling and Dialogue – Most people often love to talk while drinking something.

Is tea common in the Philippines?

Tea was popularized in the Philippines by the Chinese who moved to the Philippines before the country’s Spanish colonization. Now, tea is consumed in the Philippines in many ways but the most “Filipino” way of drinking tea is by preparing Salabat.

Is Ahmad tea good?

Ahmad is an excellent tea for the price, but is far from the best Earl Grey that you will find. … The tea is full flavored and has a nice aroma. It is not very strong compared to some other loose leaf teas, but is much stronger and fuller flavored than the typical store bought bagged teas.

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