Question: What language is taught in Singapore schools?

Is Chinese language compulsory in Singapore?

It is compulsory to study an official Mother Tongue Language (MTL) — Chinese Language, Malay Language or Tamil Language — in primary school, but some exceptions may apply.

What subjects are taught in Singapore schools?

The primary school curriculum includes ten subject areas: English, mother tongue language (available for Chinese-, Malay- and Tamil-speaking students), mathematics, science, art, music, physical education, social studies, and character and citizenship education.

Does Singapore schools teach Hindi?

The Hindi curriculum in Singapore is managed by The Board of Teaching & Testing of South Asian Languages (BTTSAL). Hindi Society follows the same curriculum material for the classes conducted for NTIL students.

Is English widely spoken in Singapore?

The English language in Singapore

English is the main language used in school and at work in Singapore, and has become the city’s most commonly spoken language. British English is adopted as the main English standard as a legacy of the country’s time as a British colony.

Are Singaporeans fluent in English?

Speak-good-English time. Singapore keeps getting better at English. … The city-state made the top three of an annual ranking in English proficiency conducted by English education company EF Education First (EF), the highest-ever ranking for an Asian nation.

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What happens if fail PSLE Chinese?

According to experienced parents at Kiasuparents, the only problem of failing one subject in PSLE is that it will drag down the overall PSLE T-score. … PSLE takes into account all 4 subjects. So even if you failed English or Chinese or any subject, it doesn’t matter.

How do you get exempt from Chinese in JC?

Typically, if a student scored a C6 and above, he/she will be exempted from taking Chinese at the Junior College. However, a few Junior Colleges require a minimum B4 grade for exemption, hence it is always better to check with the school.

Is Chinese taught in Singapore?

Students are taught subject-matter curriculum with English as the medium of instruction, while the official mother tongue of each student – Mandarin Chinese for Chinese, Malay for Malays and Tamil for ethnically Tamil Indians – is taught as a second language. …

How many subjects are in Singapore?

Students in the Normal (Academic) stream take four to seven subjects including: English Language (includes listening comprehension and an oral examination) Mathematics (Elementary Mathematics) Mother Tongue (includes listening comprehension and an oral examination)

How many subjects are there in secondary school in Singapore?

The candidate adds the numerical grades for six different subjects: English (or another language taken at the ‘first language’ level), a Humanities subject, a Science/Mathematics subject, a Humanities/Science/Mathematics subject, and two other subjects of any kind.

What are the 9 subjects in secondary school?

The subjects offered are:

  • English Language.
  • Mother Tongue Languages.
  • Mathematics.
  • Science.
  • Character and Citizenship Education.
  • Humanities, such as Geography, History and Literature in English.
  • Design and Technology.
  • Food and Consumer Education.
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