Question: Why are Vietnamese houses on stilts?

Why are houses built on stilts?

A stilt house is one built on an elevated platform. The most common reason for building a stilt house is typically to raise the house above the floodplain, but it can also be useful for working in environmentally sensitive areas, since impact to the land is greatly minimized due to smaller foundations.

What is the reason why Lao homes are built in stilts?

Lao villages are often built near rivers and streams that sometimes flood in the rainy season. Building the house on stilts protects against mud and flooding. There is usually a front porch and a clear space inside under the roof that is open to the street.

Is building a house on stilts safe?

Homes built on stilts or pilings can sustain damage even without exposure to storm surge and flooding. Admittedly, much of the damage to stilts or pilings we see is because of repeated water exposure, but there are other causes. The two primary types of stilts found in our area are pressure treated wood or concrete.

Where do people build houses on stilts and why?

Stilt houses can be found practically anywhere people live in wet coastal regions. stilt houseStilt houses are raised on stilts (legs) over the surface of the soil so that house remains protected from the flood water. This type of houses is mostly found in regions with heavy rain and frequent flood.

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What are houses made of in Southeast Asia?

Stilt houses are made of wood, bamboo, cane, or rattan. Traditionally, stilt homes have a designated room for drying rice, and is usually set one or two steps below the main level. Because the houses are on stilts, it leave an open area under the home, which is usually left empty or utilized to house livestock.

What are houses made of in Laos?

Traditional Lao houses are made of wood or bamboo and are built on stilts above the ground. People live on the first floor of houses raised on timber stilts. Traditionally the houses had steep thatched roofs and verandas. … The lowland Lao generally live in better quality housing than the poorer highland tribes.

Why are houses elevated?

An elevated house is a house that is on columns or other structure where the first floor is higher then the ground and open underneath. … The most common reason to build an elevated house is because the home is in the flood zone.