Quick Answer: Can I bring my dog to Malaysia?

Can I bring my pet on a plane in Malaysia?

Malaysia Airlines Pet Policy: In-Cabin

Pets Allowed: Malaysia Airlines does not permit pets to travel in the cabin of the aircraft.

Do dogs have to quarantine in Malaysia?

If your pet is travelling to Malaysia from a non-scheduled country, they will have to be in quarantine for a minimum of seven days. They may be vaccinated with an approved anti-rabies vaccine upon arrival. If your pet shows no signs of disease and infection after seven days, they will be released from quarantine.

How can I bring my dog from Singapore to Malaysia?

Pets should enter Singapore via the Singapore Changi Airport or the Tuas Checkpoint from Malaysia. Notification must be provided at least 5 days in advance when entering by land. Notice should be given at least 5 days in advance of arrival to the AVS so they will be available to inspect your pet upon landing.

Why are there no dogs in Malaysia?

The nation adheres to a school of Islamic jurisprudence that forbids contact with canines, but experts say it’s identity politics, not religion, that makes frolicking with the ‘unclean’ animals such a taboo.

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Are you allowed to bring pets on a plane?

Most airlines will allow you to take a cat or small dog in the cabin for an additional fee. But you must call the airline well in advance; there are limits to the number of animals allowed in the cabin. If you are transporting your dog, make sure they meet the size requirements.

Can I bring my dog to Malaysia for holiday?

To enter Malaysia, you will need to apply for an import permit issued by the Malaysian Quarantine and Inspection Services Department (MAQIS). If you are flying in a pet dog to Malaysia, check that your dog is not on the list of restricted and banned breeds. … This permit is valid for 30 days from the date of issue.

What dogs are banned in Malaysia?

Banned Breeds

The following breeds are not permitted to enter Malaysia: American Pit Bull, Pit Bull Terrier, Pit Bull, American Staffordshire Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, American Bulldog, Neopolitan Mastiff, Japanese Tosa, Akita, Dogo Argentino and Fila Braziliero.

How do you import a dog from another country?

Procedural Formalities:

  1. All vaccination records of the pet.
  2. Government issued veterinary certificate from the exporting country (USDA document with the Annexure I/II in case of USA )
  3. Flight details / confirmation of the passenger’s travel into India / Copy of the airway bill.
  4. Veterinary Certificate.