Quick Answer: How many youth are there in Vietnam?

How many boys and girls are there in Vietnam?

Total population in Vietnam 2017-2020, by gender

In 2020, there were 48.99 million females and 48.6 million males in Vietnam’s population. In that year, the population of Vietnam reached over 97 million people.

How many youths are there?

In 2019, there are about 1.2 billion youth aged 15 to 24 years in the world, or 16 per cent of the global population. Around 2065, the world’s youth population is projected to reach its peak, at just under 1.4 billion persons (13%). The share of youth in the total population peaked at 19.3 per cent in 1985.

How many males are in Vietnam?

Vietnam Population clock (live)

98,862,015 Current population
48,885,009 Current male population (49.4%)
49,977,006 Current female population (50.6%)
1,358,546 Births year to date
3,311 Births today

How many youths are in the world 2020?

There are over 1.8 billion young people in the world today, 90 per cent of whom live in developing countries, where they tend to make up a large proportion of the population. There are more than 235 million youth in India and 225 million in China alone.

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How much of the population is youth?

Youth are a significant group in the world.

The number of youth between the ages of 15 and 24 is 1.1 billion; youth constitute 18 percent of the global population. Youth and children together, including all those aged 24 years and younger, account for nearly 40 percent of the world’s population.

What is the percentage of youth in the world 2020?

As of mid-2020, about 26 percent of the world’s population were under 15 years old. Globally, about 26 percent of the world is under 15 years of age and some nine percent is over 65 years of age.

What is the average age of a Vietnamese man?

In 2019 the life expectancy in Vietnam increased to 75.4 years. That year, the life expectancy for women was 79.52 years and for men 71.3 years.

Does Vietnam have aging population?

Based on current demographic trends, Vietnam’s elderly population will double from 7% to 14% of the total population – the threshold for a country’s population to be considered aged – in about 17 years. In comparison, it took Singapore and Thailand 22 and 20 years, respectively, to reach this threshold.