Quick Answer: How much does a virtual assistant cost in Philippines?

How much does a Filipino virtual assistant cost?

General Virtual Assistant (GVA) – $500-$800 a month. Article / Content Writer – $500-$700 a month. SEO / Web Marketer VA – $750-$950 a month. Web Developer – $800-$1,400 a month.

How much does it cost to hire a virtual assistant?

All said and done, virtual assistants charge anywhere from $1 to $100 per hour. Sometimes even more. But the sweet spot is generally between $15 and $30 per hour for executive assistant services and $40-$75 per hour for higher level marketing or financial tasks.

How do I hire a virtual assistant in the Philippines?

10 Awesome Virtual Assistant Companies in the Philippines

  1. Task Bullet. Task Bullet has offices based in California, USA and Manila, the Philippines. …
  2. Virtual Staff Finder. …
  3. OVA Virtual. …
  4. Remote Workmate. …
  5. Virtual Done Well. …
  6. Pepper Virtual Assistant. …
  7. Virtual Coworker. …
  8. OnlineJobs.ph.

Why are there so many virtual assistants in Philippines?

Filipinos have a high level of English proficiency

All schools, however, teach English. In fact, most schools in the Philippines use English as their primary language of instruction. This makes Filipino virtual assistants easier to communicate with, especially when it comes to work.

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How virtual assistants are paid?

Most VAs prefer to be billed on an hourly basis and receive online payments for their services. However, some virtual assistants prefer working on a retainer and even accept checks and credit card payments.

How do you pay a virtual assistant?

How to Pay Your Virtual Assistant

  1. Pay Per Hour. The most obvious way to pay a virtual assistant is by the hour. …
  2. Pay Per Project. For more complex work, virtual assistants often prefer to be paid by the project rather than the hour. …
  3. Task-Based Payment. A similar option to the above is to pay per task. …
  4. Subscription Plan.

How does a virtual assistant get paid?

Virtual Assistants may be engaged on a part-time or full-time basis and often receive payment by the hour, week, month, or per project, depending upon their employer.

How much does a virtual assistant cost per month?

According to some data, outsourcing virtual assistant work can sometimes cost up to $5,600 per month for an average virtual assistant salary. Outsourcing to VAs in countries with low costs of labor can bring that price down to less than $1,000 per month. That’s a wide range, to say the least.

Are virtual assistants worth it?

It would be well worth hiring a virtual assistant at $20 per hour so you can free up more hours for higher-paying work. These relationships work best when you’re willing to train your assistant. … By investing a little effort to find and train the right person, a virtual assistant can be well worth the cost.

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How much does a VA cost Philippines?

You can hire general virtual assistants for $6 per hour (300 pesos) or highly skilled VAs such as system Administrators for $14 per hour (700 pesos). You can find their pricing guide here.

Can I hire someone from the Philippines?

If your recruit values an employee role, there is a way to hire them using an employer of record (EOR) in the Philippines. The employer of record has an established legal entity that is ready to hire and payroll remote employees on your behalf, while you still manage their work activities.

How do I hire a Filipino employee directly?


  1. Employment Contract;
  2. Valid visa/ entry/work permit/ no objection certificate (NOC), or equivalent document;
  3. Valid Passport with 6 months validity period;
  4. Valid Medical Certificate from DOH-accredited Medical Clinic for OFWs;
  5. Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar (PDOS) Certificate from OWWA;

Where can I hire a Filipino freelancer?

These websites are either Filipino-owned, focuses on hiring Filipino freelancers, or they have a Philippine-based office.

  • 199Jobs.
  • 51Talk PH.
  • AcadSoc.
  • Bibo Global Opportunity.
  • Bizmates Philippines.
  • Freelancer PH.
  • MyOutDesk PH.
  • OnlineJobs PH.