Quick Answer: Is a roof deck considered a story Philippines?

Does a roof deck count as a story?

It is acceptable to consider a roof deck as a story if the height of the deck does not exceed 2-3 stories (depending on the construction type and sprinkler use). Overhead structures can be approved on a podium level roof decks over parking structure, for example.

Is a rooftop terrace considered a storey?

A storey extends from one floor level to the next floor level above, or, if it is the top storey, to the ceiling or roof above. 2. There are exceptions for some areas (such as a space containing only stairway or sanitary compartment, etc.), as they are considered to have a low level of occupancy and fire load.

Do rooftop decks count as square footage?

BOMA (Building Owners and Managers Association) now includes balconies and roof decks in rentable square footage. … Balconies, Covered Galleries and Finished Rooftop Terraces are now included in the “Tenant Area”, previously known as the Useable Square Footage.

Is a deck considered a floor?

Based on the definitions of a story and floor, an uncovered roof deck is not considered a story because there is no floor or roof above, and it is not considered a floor because it does not have exterior walls and is not under the projection of a roof or floor above.

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Is an attic considered a storey?

Architecturally speaking, an attic is not considered a full story unless it has at least 8-foot walls and the roofline ends above the windows on that floor. If the roofline ends at floor height and there are dormers or windows, then it is considered a half story.

What is the difference between rooftop and roof deck?

A roof deck is a rooftop patio or garden area. These outdoor, constructed spaces are located on the top of some homes, but are known mainly for being connected to the rooftop level apartments known as penthouses. … A roof deck is typically is a rooftop patio or garden area. The deck itself is often made of wood or vinyl.

What is considered a dead load of a roof system?

According to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, the dead load on a roof is the weight of the roof structure itself, along with any permanently attached materials or structures on the roof, so it must be designed, first of all, to support itself.