What airlines are flying into Cambodia?

Which airlines are flying to Cambodia?

Which airlines are flying to Cambodia? There are 20 airlines you can travel with to Cambodia, for example: Thai AirAsia, Bangkok Airways, Lanmei Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Malaysia Airlines, Singapore Airlines, EVA Airways, JetBlue Airways.

Are there international flights to Cambodia?

Currently, there are no airlines that fly direct to Cambodia.

What airlines fly to Cambodia from USA?

American Airlines Flights Routes

  • American Airlines Dallas to Phnom Penh (DFW – PNH)
  • American Airlines Dallas to Siem Reap (DFW – REP)
  • American Airlines Los Angeles to Phnom Penh (LAX – PNH)
  • American Airlines Los Angeles to Siem Reap (LAX – REP)
  • American Airlines New York to Phnom Penh (JFK – PNH)

Can I fly from Australia to Cambodia?

Yes, there are multiple flights from Australia to Cambodia for under $800. The cheapest flight booked recently is on Singapore Airlines for just $781, but on average you can expect to pay $906.

Are flights open to Cambodia?

The U.S. Department of State has issued a travel advisory of Level 4: Do Not Travel to Cambodia due to COVID-19. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has not issued a Travel Health Notice level for Cambodia for COVID-19, indicating an unknown level of COVID-19 in the country.

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Does Qatar Airways fly to Cambodia?

Qatar Airways operates direct flights to Cambodia. You can check our timetable for flight times and frequency. … With thousands of in-flight entertainment options and a host of other services, we make sure your passenger experience is one that you will remember for all the right reasons.

Is Cambodia open for tourists now?

Travel to Cambodia for tourism is currently restricted, but the government has announced to reopen the country in several stages to fully vaccinated tourists from November 30, 2021. This will allow double-jabbed visitors to skip quarantine if they stay for at least five days in designated areas.

Are there any direct flights from UK to Cambodia?

Currently, there are no airlines that fly direct to Cambodia. But we found flights with one or more stops from £521. When is the cheapest time to fly to Cambodia? We crunched some numbers and found that the cheapest month to fly to Cambodia is currently January 2022.

Which countries are open for tourist?

Here is a list of countries that have opened their borders for Indian tourists:

  • United States. The US has announced that it will be opening its borders for vaccinated travellers next month. …
  • Thailand. …
  • United Kingdom. …
  • Sri Lanka. …
  • Dubai. …
  • Maldives. …
  • Chile. …
  • Bahrain.

Can you fly direct to Cambodia?

There are no direct flights to Cambodia from Europe, North America, Australasia or South Africa, so if you plan to fly into the country you’ll need to get a connecting flight from elsewhere in Southeast or East Asia.

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How long is the flight from USA to Cambodia?

How long is the flight to Cambodia? An average nonstop flight from the United States to Cambodia takes 35h 08m, covering a distance of 8587 miles. The most popular route is Washington – Phnom Penh with an average flight time of 36h 15m.

What airline flies to Siem Reap?

Siem Reap Airlines

Airline IATA Code Website
Bangkok Airways PG www.bangkokair.com
Cambodia Airways KR www.cambodia-airways.com
Cambodia Angkor Air K6 www.cambodiaangkorair.com
China Eastern Airlines MU en.ceair.com