What are the Philippine Arts under Spanish colonial period?

What are the art forms during Spanish period?


  • Romanesque.
  • Gothic.
  • Early Renaissance.
  • Renaissance and Mannerism.
  • Golden Age.
  • Velázquez.
  • Later Baroque.
  • 18th century.

What is the greatest contribution of Spanish era to the Philippines arts?

The ilustrados became the new patron of the arts. These events paved the way for the secularization of art in the 19th century. The Spanish friars introduced Western painting in the Philippines to artisans who learned to copy on two-dimensional form from the religious icons that the friars brought from Spain,.

When was the Spanish colonial art period?

Spanish colonial art and architecture, fl. 16th–early 19th cent., the artistic production of Spain’s colonies in the New World. These works followed the historical development of styles previously established in Spain, but developed original features in different regions.

What are the popular art style during the Philippine Colonial American period?

Answer: Portraits were still favored by the public officials, usually depicting them in dignified poses. There from, the American Colonization brought high influence to the major Filipino art forms: paintings, sculptures and architectures.

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Was there an art before colonization in the Philippines?

VISUAL ARTS – Sculpture, paintings, and pottery were the widely known forms of visual arts in the Pre-Colonial Period, such as the tattoos from the pintados in Panay, the Bulul that is a wooden sculpture of the rice God of Ifugaos, and the Manunggul burial jar that was found in Palawan.

What is the contribution of the Spaniards to the visual arts in the Philippines?

Spanish Influence on Filipino Visual Arts. When the Spaniards arrived in the Philippines in 1521, the colonizers used art as a tool to propagate the Catholic faith through beautiful images. They replaced the arts that were once done in a communal spirit and community setting for rituals.

What are the significant contributions of the Spaniards in the Philippines?

significant contribution made:formal education and founded scientific education -spaniards has introduced education in the country. methid of agriculture were also taught. in tis era. ,there were universities and college established. American introduuced the idea of free education to the Philippine island.

What are the Spanish influences in the Philippine literature?


European legends and traditions brought here became assimilated in our songs, corridos, and moro-moros. Ancient literature was collected and translated to Tagalog and other dialects.

What is the Spanish era?

The Spanish era (Latin: Æra Hispanica), sometimes called the era of Caesar, was a calendar era (year numbering system) commonly used in the states of the Iberian Peninsula from the 5th century until the 15th, when it was phased out in favour of the Anno Domini (AD) system.

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When was the pre colonial period in the Philippines?

The cultural achievements of pre-colonial Philippines include those covered by the prehistory and the early history (900–1521) of the Philippine archipelago’s inhabitants, the pre-colonial forebears of today’s Filipino people.