What are the products of Yangon?

What products are made in Myanmar?


  • Boss Shwe Bo Paw San. By Precious Myanma Heart.
  • Aythaya Wine. By Myanmar Vineyard Estate.
  • Yangon Pure Peanut Oil. By Yangon Pure Peanut Oil.
  • Eggy Kathy. By Eggy Kathy.
  • Black Matpe. By Shwe Thit Oo.
  • Shan Shan Laphet. By Maw Shan.

What is Myanmar famous for today?

Built over 2,500 years ago to preserve Buddha’s hair and other relics, nowadays, the complex stretches to include hundreds of temples and statues. The main pagoda is encrusted with a whopping 4531 diamonds, and the largest one is a 72-carat diamond!

What are the products of Yangon?

The most interesting products for sale here include textiles, clothes, silverware, lacquerware, jewelry, and handicrafts. Myanmar is well-known for its precious gem production such as rubies, sapphires and jade, and there are many gem & jewelry shops in Yangon.

Why you should visit Yangon?

With the country’s visa restrictions eased, more travellers can now enjoy Yangon’s luxury hospitality, rich heritage and Buddhist sites like Shwedagon Pagoda. Myanmar has a rich heritage, and a trip to the capital city, Yangon, would not be complete without a visit to the 2,500-year-old Shwedagon Pagoda.

What can tourists do in Yangon?

Top Attractions in Yangon (Rangoon)

  • Shwedagon Pagoda. 14,021. Religious Sites • Monuments & Statues. …
  • Yangon Circular Train. 2,032. Scenic Railroads. …
  • Chaukhtatgyi Buddha. 2,727. Religious Sites • Monuments & Statues. …
  • Botahtaung Pagoda. 1,014. …
  • U Thant House. 149. …
  • Taukkyan War Cemetery. 917. …
  • The Secretariat. 103. …
  • National Museum. 1,119.
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What products does Myanmar export?

Oil and natural gas dominate Myanmar’s exports. Other exports include vegetables, wood, fish, clothing, rubber and fruits. Myanmar’s main exports partners are China, India, Japan, South Korea, Germany, Indonesia and Hong Kong.

What is Myanmar largest export?

Oil and natural gas dominate Myanmar’s exports. Its abundant natural resources, labour force, and proximity to Asia’s dynamic economies have attracted foreign investment in the energy, garment, IT, food and beverages sectors.