What are the top2 most visited websites in the Philippines?

What are the popular online communities in the Philippines?

facebook.com is the most visited Social Networks And Online Communities website in Philippines for September 2021, followed by twitter.com as the runner up, and messenger.com at 3rd place as the leaders of the Social Networks And Online Communities websites in Philippines.

Why Youtube is the most visited website in the Philippines?

In the Philippines, YouTube has become increasingly popular because of its accessibility to content creators and the ability to reach wide audiences.

What is the most popular homepage?

Introducing the 20 most popular websites

  • Google. There’s no doubt that Google is the most popular search engine, but this year it remains at the top spot as the most popular website on the internet. …
  • YouTube. …
  • Amazon. …
  • Facebook. …
  • Yahoo. …
  • reddit. …
  • Wikipedia. …
  • eBay.

What are the 10 most visited websites?

Top Websites Ranking for all categories in the world

Rank Website Pages / Visit Average website pages viewed per visit
1 google.com 8.69
2 youtube.com 11.18
3 facebook.com 8.48
4 twitter.com 11.15

What are the top 5 most visited tourism websites and social media in the Philippines?

Top Websites Ranking for Travel And Tourism in Philippines

Rank Website Change
1 cebupacificair.com =
2 philippineairlines.com -1
3 booking.com +1
4 dashlabs.app -5
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