What are the two sectors of the Philippine health care delivery system?

What are the two health sectors?

The Global Industry Classification Standard and the Industry Classification Benchmark further distinguish the industry as two main groups:

  • healthcare equipment and services; and.
  • pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and related life sciences.

What are the sectors of a health system?

These industries include pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, equipment, distribution, facilities, and managed health care. In this report, we will discuss each industry in further detail, highlighting the various aspects of the supply chain as well as discuss the healthcare sector and its relation to the overall market.

What are the health sector in the Philippines?

Health facilities in the Philippines include government and private hospitals, and primary and tertiary health care facilities such as clinics and specialty care units. According to the DoH, the private sector comprises 50% of the country’s health system. The hospital network is a hybrid public-private system.

What are the 2 main objectives of a health care delivery system 2 points?

What are the two main objectives of a health delivery system? The primary objectives of any health delivery system are to enable all citizens to receive health care services whenever needed, and to deliver health services that are cost-effective and meet pre-established standards of quality.

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What are 2 primary segments of healthcare industry?

The key sectors of the healthcare industry can be broadly classified into the following four sub-segments:

  • Health care services and facilities.
  • Medical devices, equipment, and hospital supplies manufacturers.
  • Medical insurance, medical services, and managed care.
  • Pharmaceuticals & Related Segments.

What are the 3 sectors of healthcare?

The NHS is divided into primary care, secondary care, and tertiary care. Primary care is often the first point of contact for people in need of healthcare, usually provided by professionals such as GPs, dentists and pharmacists.

What are the 4 main healthcare sectors?

This post gives an overview of these four domains and discusses their significance.

  • Domain 1: Health care services and facilities. …
  • Domain 2: Manufacturer of medical devices, equipment, and hospital supplies. …
  • Domain 3: Medical insurance, medical services, and managed care. …
  • Domain 4: Pharmaceuticals and Related Segments.

What is one of the four major sectors of healthcare?

The healthcare system offers four broad types of services: health promotion, disease prevention, diagnosis and treatment, and rehabilitation.

What are the primary health care programs in the Philippines?

Elements of Primary Health Care

  • Education for Health. …
  • Locally Endemic Disease Control. …
  • Expanded Program on Immunization. …
  • Maternal and Child Health and Family Planning. …
  • Environmental Sanitation and Promotion of Safe Water Supply. …
  • Nutrition and Promotion of Adequate Food Supply.

How many health facilities are in the Philippines?


Out of 721 public hospitals, 70 are managed by the DOH while the remaining hospitals are managed by LGUs and other national government agencies (Department of Health, 2009).

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What are the different levels of healthcare facilities in the Philippines?

Health facilities in the Philippines include government hospitals, private hospitals and primary health care facilities. Hospitals are classified based on ownership as public or private hospitals.