What birds are found in Singapore?

How many native birds are in Singapore?

Native Species

There are over 300 species of birds that are native to Singapore.

What birds are illegal in Singapore?

The third, the Wild Animals and Birds Act 2000, prohibits the killing, taking or keeping of any wild animal or bird in Singapore (other than House Crows, feral pigeons, Purple-backed Starlings, Philippine Glossy Starlings, Common Mynas and White-vented Mynas) without a licence.

Why are there no crows in Singapore?

Crows are everything that Singapore is not — raucous, undisciplined, dirty and disorderly — and they are not welcome here. They are the most annoying pest in this highly regulated city state of four million people, and unlike the human population they do not respond to government campaigns and directives.

Is kingfisher native to Singapore?

Like the Collared Kingfisher, this species has adapted to a wide variety of habitats in Singapore and is commonly encountered across the island. It is also widely distributed across Asia.

Scientific name: Pelargopsis capensis
Family: Alcedinidae
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