What body of water is Vietnam on?

What body of water is directly east of Vietnam?

Vietnam has a number of offshore islands in Ha Long Bay to the north, in the South China Sea to the east, and near the Mekong River Delta in the south.

Is it safe to swim in the sea in Vietnam?

It is relatively safe to swim in the ocean in Vietnam. Factory spills pose the greatest risk to swimmers. Authorities are required to alert swimmers if there could be an issue but be alert to any strange red, brown, or dark blue water. Swimmers should also be wary of undertows.

What resides north east of Vietnam?

Northeast Vietnam is conterminous to Red River Delta, Northwest, East Sea and China. This is an advantageous position in improving economic exchange between regions and with the neighboring, China. Geography of Northeast Vietnam is characterized by complex topography.

Where is the Yellow Sea?

Lying between mainland China and the Korean peninsula, the Yellow Sea is one of the world’s largest areas of continental shelf covered in shallow water, providing for rich fishing grounds and an important site for migratory birds.

What are the two major rivers in Vietnam?

The Famous Rivers in Vietnam

  • Mekong River.
  • Red River.
  • Dong Nai River.
  • Perfume River.
  • Black River.
  • Hoai River.
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