What country won independence from Indonesia in 2002?

Is Timor Leste an independent country?

Timor-Leste achieved formal independence on 20 May 2002. Timor-Leste’s independence resulted from the August 1999 UN-sponsored referendum. The first democratic legislative elections were held on 30 August 2001 and over 91 per cent of Timor-Leste’s eligible voters elected a Constituent Assembly.

Why did Indonesia leave East Timor?

By broadcasting accusations of communism among Fretilin leaders and sowing discord in the UDT coalition, the Indonesian government fostered instability in East Timor and, observers said, created a pretext for invading. By May tensions between the two groups caused UDT to withdraw from the coalition.

Which country did Timor-Leste formerly East Timor gain its independence from in 2002 quizlet?

East Timor became independent on the 28th of November 1975 from Portugal.

Who did East Timor gain independence from?

East Timor declared itself independent from Portugal in 1975, but was invaded by Indonesia. The country was later incorporated as a province of Indonesia. During the subsequent two-decade occupation, a campaign of pacification ensued.

How did Australia help East Timor become independent?

Australia led the INTERFET during the following 1999 East Timorese crisis to stop Indonesian militias and army attacking the East Timorese civilians, and to establish the UN administration. Since 2002, Timor-Leste had begun as the first new sovereign nation of the 21st century.

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Why does Timor-Leste use the US dollar?

The US$ was chosen because it is a strong and stable currency and is widely accepted around the world. The decision to adopt the US$ was made by the National Consultative Council (NCC). The NCC represents East Timorese in all of UNTAET’s major decisions.