What does GG mean in Malaysia?

What is GG Liao?

Gone case/Mampus/Si liao/GG/Pok kai

Use any of these when you are really in trouble.

Is GG an insult?

GG can be : Phrase said at the end of a match, either online or in person. Means “Good Game“, and indicates one of two things: Either it was truly a good, fairly played and close match, or one team got slaughtered. Used as an insult.

What does GG mean in a bad way?

Using GG prematurely is considered BM, or “bad manners.” For example, messaging GG before you’ve won the match because you feel overconfident about the result is rude. It’s especially embarrassing if you wind up losing at the end. Avoid typing in GG before the match is truly over.

How do you reply to GG?

gg is more respectful and can be said by the winning or the losing side, though it is more often said by the losing side. reflectivist wrote: Rasparovov wrote: Say gg or wp, it’s that simple.

What does GG mean in Malay?

abbreviation. Initialism of [i]good game[/i].

What does GG means in Chinese?

GG – gēge (哥哥), literally older brother, by extension male friend, or guy Nowadays, people say “GG” means you do a good job on the game (These two letters also mean “Good Game.”)

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What does GG mean in Philippines?

It means “Good game.”

What does GG mean for Grandma?

Product description. GG or Gigi, is a cool great grandmother nickname. It is a blessing to be a grandparent and great grandparent.