What does red card mean in Thailand?

Is there mandatory military service in Thailand?

According to the Constitution of the Kingdom, serving in the armed forces is a national duty of all Thai citizens. In practice, only males over the age of 21 who have not gone through reserve training are subject to conscription. The enlistment draft is held in early-April annually.

How does military service work in Thailand?

Under Thailand’s 1954 Military Service Act, when men reach the age of 21, they become eligible for conscription. If they don’t volunteer, they must participate in a lottery that takes place each April. Every year, about 100,000 personnel are recruited.

What does red card mean in Thailand?

It is seen as the most important day of a young Thai man’s life, and for Panit Pimroon, conscription day was no different. … The conscription lottery takes place each April. If they draw a red card, young men must undergo mandatory enlistment and serve two years in the military. A black card means exemption.

What countries is it mandatory to serve in the military?

Nations that require one year of military service include Algeria, Bolivia, Colombia, Guatemala, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Mongolia, Paraguay, Russia, Taiwan, Tunisia, and Uzbekistan. Several nations require military service of no more than 18 months.

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Which countries have compulsory military training?

In South Korea, all able-bodied males are required to complete 21 months of national service in the army, 23 months in the navy or 24 months in the air force. On the other hand, North Korea supposedly has the world’s longest compulsory military service – 11 years for men and 7 years for women.

Is Thailand a military dictatorship?

The country emerged as a modern nation state after the foundation of the Chakri Dynasty and the city of Bangkok in 1782. … The 2007 Constitution (drafted by a military-appointed council, but approved by a referendum) was annulled by the 2014 coup-makers who ran the country as a military dictatorship.

How long was national service?

National Service in peacetime

It came into force in January 1949 and meant that all physically fit males between the ages of 17 and 21 had to serve in one of the armed forces for an 18-month period. They then remained on the reserve list for another four years.

How long is mandatory military service in China?

Technically, those 18–22 years of age enter selective compulsory military service, with a 24-month service obligation. In reality, numbers of registering personals are enough to support all military posts in China, creating so-called “volunteer conscription”.