What is a secondary sponsor in Filipino wedding?

Do secondary sponsors walk down the aisle?

Yup! Just like there’s no rule about men and women for the bridesmaids, groomsmen, and sponsors, the same rule applies to your bearers. Yes! If kids can also be secondary sponsors, what’s to stop the adults from walking down the aisle with flowers, the arrhae, the bible, and the rings?

What is the role of a sponsor in a wedding?

The responsibilities of a “sponsor” for an adult catechumen are “to assist an adult in Christian initiation” by assisting him/her through “the periods of purification, enlightenment, and mystagogy.” It is the responsibility of the “sponsor” to assist the newly baptized person in living the Christian life and in …

What is a secondary sponsor in Filipino wedding?

The Secondary Sponsors: These are women and men whom the couple chooses to involve in their ceremony because of their affinity or friendship with them. They are typically relatives or close friends.

How many godparents can you have for a wedding?

It could be a married couple or 2 friends, or 2 members of your family, whoever you want!

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