What is a traditional Indonesian wedding?

How long is an Indonesian wedding?

A wedding reception may be held during the daytime or in the evening and usually lasts for two or three hours. It is not necessary to arrive promptly at the time given.

What is traditional marriage?

1. a marriage according to the historical norms of a given society, usually for the primary purpose of establishing a family.

What is the correct order of a wedding ceremony?

Vows: Promises to one another, either handwritten or selected. Exchange of Rings: Ceremonial giving of the sign of love and loyalty. Blessing or Closing Remarks: Final words from the officiant. Pronouncement: Official declaration of marriage.

What is the order of ceremony at a wedding?

Vows Exchange: The couple says their vows, make their promises to each other. Exchange of Rings: The couple says more vows and exchange rings. Lighting of the Unity Candle (Optional): The bride and a groom light a candle to signify their union. … Exit: The couple exit the ceremony followed by the bridal party.

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