What is GSP Cambodia?

Is Cambodia a GSP country?

Cambodia became a GSP beneficiary in 1997 and in 2016 exported nearly $179 million duty free to the United States under the program. … Under the GSP program, certain products from 120 beneficiary developing countries and territories can enter the United States duty-free.

What is the meaning of GSP?

U.S. trade preference programs such as the Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) provide opportunities for many of the world’s poorest countries to use trade to grow their economies and climb out of poverty. GSP is the largest and oldest U.S. trade preference program.

What does GSP certificate mean?

The Graduate Safety Practitioner (GSP) is a designation available to college and university graduates from safety, health, and environmental (SH&E) degree programs which meet BCSP Qualified Academic Program (QAP) standards.

What are GSP countries?

The following 15 countries grant GSP preferences: Armenia, Australia, Belarus, Canada, the European Union, Iceland, Japan, Kazakhstan, New Zealand, Norway, the Russian Federation, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom and the United States of America.

What is the capital of Cambodia?

Is Thailand a GSP country?

United States (US) President Donald Trump announced on 30 October 2020, via Presidential Proclamation, that the US would suspend the duty-free treatment of certain goods from Thailand (Thai-origin goods) afforded under the Generalized System of Preferences (GSP), effective 30 December 2020, citing Thailand’s lack of …

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What does GSP stand for in text?


Acronym Definition
GSP Generalized System of Preferences
GSP Georges St. Pierre (martial artist)
GSP German Shorthaired Pointer (dog breed)
GSP Geometer’s Sketchpad (KTP Technologies geometry software)

What is GSP plus Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanka benefits from the GSP+ concession, an incentive scheme tied to the improvement of human rights and good governance. The scheme offers tariff cuts to support vulnerable developing countries.

What is GSP facility for Bangladesh?

GSP facilities

Bangladesh enjoys Generalised Scheme of Preferences (GSP) status in 37 countries (28 EU member states, Australia, New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland, Japan, Turkey, Canada and Russia and Belarus). GSP provides exporters with reduced or zero duties when exporting seafood products.

What is a GSP eligible country?

The following independent countries are GSP-eligible beneficiary developing countries: Afghanistan. Congo (Brazzaville) Jamaica. Nepal. Tanzania.

What is GSP requirement?

For an imported article to be GSP‐eligible, it must be the growth, product, or manufacture of a BDC, and the sum of the cost or value of materials produced in the BDC plus the direct costs of processing must equal at least 35 percent of the appraised value of the article at the time of entry into the United States.