What is the largest barangay in the Philippines?

What is the largest barangay in terms of population size?

Which is the largest barangay in the Philippines? With regard to the latest (2015) population, the three (3) barangay s with the biggest number of inhabitants, in descending order, are Barangay 176 (246,515) in Caloocan, and Commonwealth (198,285) and Batasan Hills (161,409), both in Quezon City.

What is the biggest barangay in Philippines?


  • ^ By virtue of Presidential Decree No. 557, s. 1974.
  • ^ Excluding barangays whose population declined to zero due to various reasons.
  • ^ Jump up to: a b Barangay 176 or Bagong Silang in Caloocan is the largest barangay in the Philippines in terms of land area and population.

What is the most populated barangay in the Philippines?

The largest barangay in terms of population size is Barangay 176 in Caloocan City with 247 thousand persons. It was followed by Commonwealth in Quezon City (198,285) and Batasan Hills in Quezon City (161,409).

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Rank 1
Barangay Barangay 176
City/Municipality/Province Caloocan City
Population 246,515

What is the richest barangay in the Philippines?

Barangay San Lorenzo belongs to the 1st congressional district of Makati and is included under Cluster 1 or Central Cluster. It is considered one of the richest barangays in the Philippines for embraces part of the Central Business District from where its revenue mainly comes from.

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Which is bigger QC or Caloocan?

Quezon City is 3.1 times larger than Caloocan.

How was the barangay created?

– (a) A Barangay maybe created out of a contiguous territory which has a population of at least two thousand (2,000) inhabitants as certified by the National Statistics Office except in cities and municipalities within Metro Manila and other metropolitan political subdivisions or in highly urbanized cities where such …

Is Diliman a barangay?

All of Quezon City’s barangays are classified as urban.

District 4
Barangay Alternate Name
Kaunlaran Cubao
Kristong Hari
Krus na Ligas Diliman