What is the letter A in Thai?

What are the letters of the Thai alphabet?

Thai Alphabet Chart

In total, there are 72 characters in the Thai alphabet. This can be split up into 44 consonants and 28 vowels. This can then be split further into 3 consonant classes, 12 long vowels, and 16 short vowels.

What is letter J Thai?

[Thai pronunciation of the English letter,] ‘J’ เค

Does Thai language have alphabet?

With 42 consonants, the Thai alphabet has many more than it needs: there are four different ways to write ‘s’ and six for ‘t’. This abundance of letters reflects the Indian origin of the alphabet and the very different sound system for which it was originally designed.

How do I start learning Thai?

6 Steps To Learn To Speak Thai As A Beginner

  1. Find a good teacher. This is your non-negotiable first-step. …
  2. Study Thai fundamentals. …
  3. Memorise key phrases. …
  4. Learn to read. …
  5. Get a good Thai textbook. …
  6. Find Thai people to speak with.

How many vowels are there in Thai alphabet?

There are twenty-eight vowel sounds in Thai, which can be divided into simple vowels and complex vowels or diphthongs. They can also be grouped as short vowels and long vowels.

How long does it take to learn the Thai alphabet?

Thai is an ordinary alphabet with (only) 59 letters. Sure, that’s a bit more than English, but it’s nothing to be scared of. Learning the Thai alphabet can be done in a couple of weeks, tops, with a few handwriting exercises and revisions.

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