What is the main reason for deforestation in Indonesia?

How did deforestation start in Indonesia?

Environmentalists say other factors contributed, including an unusually wet year, declining palm oil prices, and an economic slump that led to a slowdown in forest-clearing activity such as plantation expansion and logging.

What is the main cause of deforestation in Indonesia?

Large-scale agriculture, primarily for growing oil palms, remains a major cause of deforestation in Indonesia, but its impact has diminished proportionately in recent years as other natural and human causes emerge, a new Duke University study finds.

What are the causes of deforestation in Kalimantan Indonesia?

Oil palm, timber and other large-scale plantations were responsible for the remainder. In peat forests, oil palm, timber, and other large-scale plantations drove more than half of deforestation, with most of the remainder attributable to grassland/shrubland expansion.

What is the rate of deforestation in Indonesia?

The data reported deforestation of 440,000 hectares in 2018, slightly lower than the 2017 number of 480,000 hectares. Global Forest Watch released similar numbers showing a 40 percent decrease in deforestation in Indonesia’s primary forests in 2018, compared to the average annual rate of loss from 2002-2016.

How much of Indonesian forests have been destroyed?

Tell big brands to protect Indonesia’s forests!

Indonesia has already lost 72 percent of its intact forests. This is threatening the habitat of species like Sumatran tigers and orangutans, as well as harming the millions of people who depend on Indonesia’s forests for their food, shelter and livelihoods.

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