What is the main reason Nike is in Indonesia?

Why is Indonesia the 3rd largest exporter of Nike goods?

Indonesia is the third biggest producer of Nike goods, after Vietnam and China, with 40 factories employing 171,000 people. Indonesian factory workers are among the lowest paid in Asia. … Nike’s code of conduct says it expects its suppliers to pay workers “at least the minimum wage required by country law”.

Does Nike produce in Indonesia?

It is these basic facts that underlie the concerns workers are expressing. Please note that Nike has reported to the WRC that its footwear production will not be substantially affected by the relocation (Indonesia is a large producer of footwear for Nike, adidas, and other sports apparel brands).

Who makes Nike shoes in Indonesia?

PT Nikomas, which with 25,000 employees is one of Southeast Asia’s largest garment producers, manufactures goods for Nike, Adidas and Puma.

Why does Nike produce in Indonesia?

Nike – the shoe company that produces those famous athletic shoes – set up factories in Indonesia because of the low wages there. Today, typical workers can earn the equivalent of around $3.50 per day, which for a six day work-week amounts to $21. … In Indonesia, Nike found a country with a supply of cheap labor.

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How much do Nike workers get paid in Indonesia?

Much of Adidas’ and Nike’s sportswear is made in Indonesia, where 80 percent of workers in the garment sector are women and some make as little as 86 euros ($102) a month while others do not earn the legal minimum wage, according to the CCC’s report.

Are Jordans made in China or Indonesia?

Air Jordan are produced by Nike, an American Multinational corporation but Air Jordan are manufactured in China. If you want to buy original Air Jordans buy from Nike store and know how much jordans cost. The actual authentic mass production of Air Jordan is done in China, as there are two main plants based in China.

How much does it cost to make a Nike shoe in Indonesia?

” “The retail price of Nike shoes in the U.S. is between $50 and $175, on average $75,” the study said. “But the production cost in Indonesia is $5.60 a pair.

Is Indonesia Airforce 1 made?

The Nike Air Force 1 outsole is a classic design but the tooling is modern. Nike manufactures shoes in China and Vietnam. Rather than move outsoles and tooling from country to country, Nike will own several sets of tooling.

Are Reebok shoes made in Indonesia?

It was the fifth protest this year at the U.S. Embassy staged by workers from the factory in the central Indonesian city of Bandung which makes shoes for Reebok, the world’s second largest athletic shoe maker. … Foreign-based shoe manufacturers employ at least 300,000 workers across the country.

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