What is the most common animal in the Philippines?

What is the most common pet in the Philippines?

Although we do have an issue with stray dogs and how we usually don’t spay/neuter them, we love dogs for their intelligence, loyalty, and cuteness. The most common household pet in the country, there really is not specific breed of dog that we can call our own.

What is the most commonly known animal?

Lions fear no other animals, and only in danger from poachers. For thousands of years, the lion was the most popular animal in the world. Emperors and tyrants paraded them as regal accessories. Today, lions are the second largest cat in the world, close behind the tiger.

Why there is no tiger in Philippines?

6. Tiger. … Later on, a small population of tigers became trapped in Palawan when the gap widened as a result of rising sea levels. This population gradually became extinct due to a combination of diminished prey, loss of habitat, and possible overhunting by our ancestors.

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