What is the sign of Thailand?

What are the three and symbols of Thailand?


Type Symbol
National animal Thai elephant (Elephas maximus) ช้างไทย
National flower Golden shower flower (Cassia fistula Linn.) ดอกราชพฤกษ์
National architecture Sala Thai ศาลาไทย

What is the flower of Thailand?

Cassia fistula is the Thai national tree and produces the national flower and is a familiar sight along Bangkok’s streets and provincial roads, as well as in public parks and private gardens throughout the country.

What is the most common and iconic in symbol of Thailand?

Because the elephant is the national symbol of Thailand, elephants are the main attraction at many festivals and events here.

What plant is native to Thailand?

The lotus (bua, pathum and ubon in Thai) is probably the most common native flower of Thailand. It is customary for Thais to set small, lotus-shaped floats fashioned from banana leaves and decorated with spider lilies, candles, incense and other offerings, on Thailand’s many waterways.

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