What is Vietnam Lucky?

What does 333 mean in Vietnamese?

333 Premium Export Beer is a rice beer brewed in Vietnam. It is now made by Sabeco Brewery. 33 Beer was the original name of this Vietnamese beer, (pronounced “Ba Muoi Ba” in Vietnamese, which means “thirty-three).

How much should I give for Li Xi?

When you present Li Xi to somebody, you should put enough money to make the recipient happy. These days it is advisable to put around 20 thousand VND if you make a present to a kid younger than 10. Older children are supposed to receive about 50 thousand VND, and the amount for adults varies.

What to say when you get Li Xi?

Say “Chuc Mung Nam Moi”, means “Happy New Year” when you meet someone. Give people good wishes. Give lucky money in the red envelopes (Li Xi) to those in close relationship, or offer some gifts related to luck.

What is a lucky number in Vietnamese culture?

Numbers: The Vietnamese believe the number 9 brings luck. 8 is also considered lucky. The 1 and 8 of 18, adding up to 9, are considered auspicious.

What does purple mean in Vietnamese culture?

Purple – nostalgia, sadness, fragility, tenderness. White – purity, death, the end. Black – evil.

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What color does the Vietnam Culture believe will keep them safe?

As same as in China or some other countries, red color is considered a lucky color in Vietnam. Vietnamese people also celebrate the Chinese New Year and the red color is mainly used in this holiday.

How much money do you give for Tet?

Normally, the amount of lucky money given ranges from 20.000VND to 500.000VND, from 100.000 VND to 500.000 VND for a close relationship and from 20.000 VND to 100.000 VND for acquaintances.

What age is Li Xi for?

The meaning behind the tale

It is a small amount of money that can bring good fortune to the upcoming year. However, “li xi” is not limited only on the first day, but can even last to the 9th or 10th day of Tet Festival, and given when the adults first met the kids.

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