What year did Miss Saigon Open?

How long has Miss Saigon been running?


Miss Saigon premiered in London’s West End in 1989 at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane and closed after 4,264 performances in 1999 making Miss Saigon the longest running musical at that time. The musical debuted on Broadway at the Broadway Theatre in 1991 and closed in 2001 after 4,092 performances.

Who was the best Engineer in Miss Saigon?

Jon Jon Briones as the Engineer in a 1994 German production of Miss Saigon. Saigon begat more Saigon. “It saved me and my family so many times.” When his wife, Megan, was pregnant with their first child, Briones was jobless. “I got a phone call from London saying, ‘Do you want to do it in London?

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