Where are you allowed to fish in Singapore?

Where is it illegal to fish in Singapore?

Fishing is allowed in the waters around Singapore, except in “No Take” zones, such as the Sisters’ Islands Marine Park, where fishing in any form is not allowed.

Is it legal to fish in canals Singapore?

For safety reasons, fishing is currently not allowed at canals and rivers in Singapore. Those caught fishing illegally may be fined up to $3000. …

Why is fishing illegal in Singapore?

Fishing in non-designated areas is dangerous and pose safety risks to pedestrians and reservoir users. There are designated fishing areas at our reservoirs and waterways and we urge members of the public to be socially responsible and abide by the rules for the safety of all park users.

Where can I fish for beginners in Singapore?

Where to go fishing in Singapore

  • Punggol Point Jetty. The jetty offers a smaller spot for fishing enthusiasts. …
  • Lower Seletar Reservoir Park. …
  • Labrador Nature Reserve. …
  • Sembawang Park. …
  • Bedok Jetty. …
  • D’Best Fishing at Pasir Ris Town Park. …
  • Changi Beach Park.

Is it legal to fish at Kallang River?

“The areas shown in the photographs, Kallang River near Kallang Bahru, are no-fishing areas. Members of the public are also not allowed to enter canals at all times for their own safety. “Those caught fishing illegally or entering the waterways without prior approval may be fined up to $3000.

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Do I need a license to fish in Singapore?

Anglers are required to pay for a rod licence and fishing permit, and submit a catch return application to tell authorities what they release. Dr Jeffrey Low, a senior manager at NParks’ coastal and marine branch of the National Biodiversity Centre, said “you need to be very precise with legislation and regulations”.

Is fishing at Marina South Pier legal?

Fishing in the sea isn’t generally illegal (unlike reservoirs).

Is fishing allowed at Changi beach?

Changi Beach Park

Though fishing is allowed along the entire beach, notable spots are the areas near Car Parks 1 to 6. There, you can expect to catch fish species such as the Javelin Grunter, Goatee Croaker, Brown Stingray, Sickle Fish, Barramundi, and Veined Catfish.